Early Learners Day Nursery rated  'Good' by Ofsted was opened in 1996. Early Learners is situated on Scarbrook Road which is just off the High Street in Central Croydon.

Early Learners strive to provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment that puts the child and their family at the centre of everything we do.

We want every child and their family to feel valued, included and respected.

We want every child to develop their capabilities as successful learners, confident individuals and to grow up to be responsible citizens and realise their hope and aspirations.

We want to engage every child in the highest quality teaching and learning to maximise success for all.

We will work with all families to improve learning and care.

We want to create a nursery that feels like home and to provide an extended family environment.

We will value every child, celebrate their successes and achievements.

We aim to foster high quality leadership at all levels. Leaders who reflect and review our work and commit to raising standards at every opportunity.


Embrace – Every child and their family


Learning – Every child will be learning through play based on their interests 


Development – Every child will make progress through the EYFS Prime and specific areas


Nurture – Every child will be cared for and protected


LADYBIRDS: ( 0-24 months) we give babies plenty of time to progress at their own pace, learning to talk, build trusting relationships, crawl, and walk, explore and make discoveries.

CATERPILLARS:(18 months- 42 months) enchanted by everything the world has to offer, the toddlers learn to share and grow in independence.

BUTTERFLIES:( 30-60 months) they develop self esteem and begin to take responsibility for their choices and actions, learning to understand that words and numbers have meaning

Children are allocated places in the next group subject to the individual child being ready and avilabilty of spaces.

All our children are encouraged to respect one another and to delight in linguistic and cultural diversity from their earliest years.

We aim to ensure that the five every child matters outcomes:

To be healthy

To Stay safe

To Enjoy and achieve

To make a positive contribution


To achieve economic wellbeing

are met through the care we give to each child.

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic we are unable to show parents aroud the nursery at present. We have created a virtaul tour which you can access here:https://click.email.vimeo.com/u/?qs=623ebabae7c299c61dde958e64474126f8cc2c28867e5215b4cbc245fc55ee1af9a21a1bd047825d44348cc47503210d96ddb105ccb75f634db02d2cade8be31